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Engage And Empower Your Members In 3 Simple Steps

Empowered Members Equals Happy Members

Being part of the deciding body of any membership driven organisation is not an easy task. You want the best for your members at all times, but it's difficult, if not impossible to get the members to give you input for important decisions.

Today you have members that are most likely feeling less than happy because they are forced into doing things that they would much rather avoid, such as selling lottery tickets or similar to raise money for the group.

When the members ask why this decision was made, you can't really give a good answer other than that, the club decided it on the last board meeting.

If Only I Could Know What My Members Want

By knowing what your members want you will be able to make the best possible decisions in all tasks, small and large, your members would feel that they participate and that their voice matters which creates happier members.

When your members are happy they put in more effort into the group and the compounding effect you get from having many happy members is absolutely awesome, happy people are much more inclined to co-operate and do great things together which is exactly what membership organisations are all about!

Create Happier Members

The great thing is that you can start making your members happier right now! All you need is their e-mail addresses which you should have in your membership registry (if not we have that too).

With CoachHippo you empower your members and makes it easy for them to provide you with valuable insights into how they feel about a topic, in a democratic way using our anonymous online voting feature.

You and your members can collaborate using the real-time comment section and when you are ready you open the topic for voting. Your members cast their vote with the click of a button in an e-mail. No login required.

When the results are in, you as the Chairman of The Board can make an informed decision on the topic.

A few weeks or months down the road a member might ask (usually oppose) a decision. You can provide an excellent response by checking the decision log where all information about the topic is stored, this includes voting results, comments and the decision text.
Check out this video showing what it look's like.

Empower Members with anonymous voting from fredrik burman on Vimeo.

How To Get Started

It's a lot easier than you think!

  1. Export Member e-mails From Current System
  2. Create CoachHippo Group And Import Members
  3. Create Topic And Open For Voting

That's it :)


You can't afford to have unhappy members for several reasons. It nothing else they steal valuable time from you and engaging with them rarely makes you happy.
So do something about it, today!

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Fredrik Burman

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik is the founder and CEO of CoachHippo, he is a big fan of automation and doesn't like doing repetitive tasks, he is also an involuntary football coach.

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