Event Invitations - Choose your participants

We know that managing an event can take up quite a lot of your time - so we believe that it should be easy to define your intended participant list. So that you can focus on the actual event instead of spending too much time on admin.

The default behaviour when you create an event is to invite all members, an important note is that we do not consider guardians to be regular members, but instead the contact person for a member.
invite all members

But let's say that you only would like to invite individuals with a particular role, for example the board members. This is easily done. Just start typing in the recipients field "To the":

Good enough, but.. the pre-defined roles does not fulfill my need of being able to target my intended audience in the granular way that I want to.

You want to laser focus on your intended audience? We got you covered!

You can quickly setup your own member segmens within your membership database with the use of our smart tags.

  1. Go to group settings and add the tags that you would like to group members by
  2. Add the appropriate tag to all your members in the membership database
  3. Create the event (or send out emails) to your newly created segments.

In the example below we are targeting both players and parents
So in this example we want to invite both players and their parents to an event. I follow the previous instructions and create my tags and segment my members. Then I create an event and choose the two tags as participants.

Thats it, let's go and try it out!

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik is the founder and CEO of CoachHippo, he is a big fan of automation and doesn't like doing repetitive tasks, he is also an involuntary football coach.

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