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Organising camps can be a daunting task since there are many things that need to fall into place, and you can't do it all on your own. I have attended probably around 50 martial arts and ice hockey camps, and organised some of them.
Here are some tips to help you organise your camp, and how CoachHippo can make things easier and save you time.

Initial Pow Wow

Having an organisation in place with dedicated and involved people is key to succeeding with your camp. I would recommend having the initial meeting 6 months before the camp is planned to take place. This is even more important if everyone involved is doing this on their spare time. In order for meetings to be effective, in my opinion, having a goal and agenda that is well communicated on beforehand is important.
Checklist for the initial meeting.

  1. Come up with a rough idea about the camp
  2. Create a CoachHippo Group for your camp.
  3. Invite the people as members with at least leader roles to the group
  4. Send out a meeting invite from CoachHippo with an agenda and a goal for the meeting.

So why should I attend

When I look at a camp description I want to know what it is about. So make sure to have a purpose with the camp, and that all involved have bought into it. This will make it easier to decide on the other actions needed. Also make sure to assign persons that are responsible for certain areas and tasks, and trust them! Nobody likes to be micromanaged.

Getting the Action Started

There are a number of practical things that needs to be done, and decided upon. In some parts of the camp, it's very important that decisions are made by consensus. This can be cumbersome to achieve since it requires a dialogue followed with some sort of agreement. And after the agreement has been reached, one or more actions are required to fulfil this. There is a plethora of tools available for handling this today. CoachHippo also has a tool for this. It is very easy to create an errand, that all involved can make online comments on, but the most important part, anonymous voting can be conducted on each errand. Voting always has an end date that can be set when opening the errand for a vote. The chairman of the board can decide the decision on the errand.
Common things that often require some discussion and possible decisions are.

  • Venue - Where should the camp be held at.
  • Instructors - Who should we invite for the camp
  • Cost/Budget - No one wants to lose money
  • Catering - Should food be included.
  • Registration - How should participants register.
  • Payments - How can they pay, does it work internationally?

Getting People in and Collecting Payments

CoachHippo makes it possible for you to have a registration form on a public website, that will post the data to your group. You can decide what type of information you want to collect, everything is shown in the membership registry. CoachHippo allows you to collect any attribute that you need, dynamically. It is also possible to use tags for registrations. This can be used for group registrations, for instance, you could have a tag for Juniors and Seniors (see below for more usage).
Everyone using the registration form will be added as a regular CoachHippo group member. Then you can use the regular invoicing functionality within CoachHippo for collecting camp fees. This will give you Cash Flow Reporting graph, where you can easily follow up the status of each individual invoice.

Ditch the Email Groups

You can reach all the members of the group via the built in email sending function. This makes it easy to send out information about your camp, without knowing everyone's email address. And with the tagging capability you can send email to only certain segments, like Juniors or Seniors.

Some Final Note.

Arranging camps take time, and energy. Make sure to delegate the tasks, make it easier for the involved to collaborate, increase the transparency and focus on the goals for the camp.

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Tobias Alm

Tobias Alm

I have practiced sports for the last 35 years. Administration is a crucial part of all organisations but our time is scarce. CoachHippo is devoted to automation, delegation and Getting Things Done!

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