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Getting Information For Your Registry!

Sports are fun

We all know that playing sports or participating in extra curricular activities are fun. But in order for things to run smoothly we often need to handle some basic things behind the scenes, like for instance knowing who to call if one of our mates hurt them self during one of our activities or if someone has an allergy that the group should be aware of.

Keeping a registry - The hard way

The traditional way of keeping information about members, is to write them down either on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet, be it Excel, Google Sheets etc. This seems fine and dandy at first, but there are a number of problems.

  • Time consuming maintaining the registry
  • Data becomes stale quickly
  • Remember to collect information from New Members
    Let's look into how CoachHippo solves these problems.

Time is money!

Think of time as currency that you can use to get some time with your family, or enjoying your favorite pastimes, i.e. investing in you! Doing admin tasks, such as keeping the membership registry up to date, eats in to your buffer of time, leaving less of it for your investments. Our thinking is that you should define the data, i.e. columns, you need to gather then delegate on to each member for them to fill in the information. Of course if there are some information that you want full control over you can make it so. CoachHippo will automatically remind your members about any information that is missing and inform you about it as well. More time over to invest!

I don't live there anymore

Your members will move, change email addresses, phone numbers etc. They will also forget to inform you about it. CoachHippo will help you with this, regularly checking with your members if the information in the registry is correct. See, even more time over!

Sorry, What's your surname?

When new members turn up it often takes some time to get the information you need about them. Often you don't want to attack them for information day one, you rather want to wait to see if they will come back or not, which you need to remember.
CoachHippo fixes this as well for you. All you have to do is configure number of events the new member need to attend until the first request for information is sent out. So the only thing that is needed from the new member is an email address, the rest is taken care of by CoachHippo.

Keeping track of your members and their details from fredrik burman on Vimeo.

Tobias Alm

Tobias Alm

I have practiced sports for the last 35 years. Administration is a crucial part of all organisations but our time is scarce. CoachHippo is devoted to automation, delegation and Getting Things Done!

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