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Getting The Data For Your Registry

Laying the foundation first

Keeping track of member information is important, but so is your spare time! And that's something that your members should be aware of. It's not fair for you to have to collect all the needed information, then type it into an Excel sheet. What if you mistype something, will the affected member know? Will you? And what if you later discover that you need extra information or one of your member move to a new address. CoachHippo can do all of the heavy lifting for you, letting you focus your time on more important things.

Keeping track of your members and their details from fredrik burman on Vimeo.

How many bricks do you need?

The first thing you need to do is to think about what data you need, and if you needed. Remember that a new EU directive says that we shouldn't collect information about persons unless we really need it.


To add extra information, besides email and phone number, click on the "Add Column" button, shown in the picture above. This will bring up the dialogue shown below.


This is where you define how and by whom the data should be collected. Let's walk through it.

  1. Name your attribute, ex Allergies
  2. Decide if the data is required or not.
  3. Who is allowed to modify the information
  4. Describe the field.

Who should see the data - Visibility

You can decide who should see the data. Private means that the data will only be visible to administrators and leaders. Group allows logged in members of the group to view the data. The Public setting will allow the data to be published to your public website, if you have one. The data is NOT sold or displayed by CoachHippo.

I will not do that! - Responsibility

This is the important part, that can save you tons of time. If you set the responsibility to Member you actually delegate to the member that he or she should fill in the information and if you set it to Administrator then you will have the responsibility.

Getting information from new members

So you have setup the data fields you need for the moment (can be altered as your group grow) and a new member turns up. Great! You add him or her as a member, by getting the email address. After the fourth time he or she attends an event of yours, based on your reporting the attendances, a automatic email will be sent out requesting the information that have the responsibility Member set on it. Easy as Pie!

Teaching old dogs new tricks - Updating members information

Keeping the information in the registry fresh is important, and there are two ways you can go about this. 1. Send out an email to the group asking the to update their information the Profile function in the app, see below. 2. Click the button Request Information. CoachHippo will then send out an email request form to all the members where they can fill their information.


We are a strong believer of transparency, please remember to only keep relevant information about members and avoid personal slander! Every member can always view all the data about themselves! The member information is visible in the mobile app profile page.

Tobias Alm

Tobias Alm

I have practiced sports for the last 35 years. Administration is a crucial part of all organisations but our time is scarce. CoachHippo is devoted to automation, delegation and Getting Things Done!

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