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How To Communicate With Your Members

Communicating with members is probably one of the most difficult things you do in your organisation, how do I select my recipients, how should I write the message, how can I follow up that the message was understood and not just received?

Select recipients

A crucial step is to make sure that you only send the message to relevant recipients, you all know how it is when you get too many irrelevant messages in your mailbox, you start ignoring them.

Most systems allow you to target your intended audience by sending an e-mail to:

  • One or more groups
  • All your groups

We strongly believe that this is not enough to prevent unwanted messages to irrelevant recipients.

CoachHippo allows you to also specify the role that you would like to target.
Start by opening the email dialogue window, you find it on the left side menu and also in the top menu bar:
Just start typing "To the" in the recipient input box and then select your option.

Want to reach out to all admins in three different groups?

Type the group name and just select the relevant groups, then type "To the" and select the Administrator role:

Want to reach out to all coaches in your organisation?

Just type "All" and select All Your Groups in the drop-down, the type "to the" and select coaches.

But I want to e-mail multiple roles

Not a problem! Just go ahead and type in additional roles that you would like to target.

Really flexible and easy to work with - right?
Just to iterate how the recipient selection works:

  • Select one or more groups
  • Apply additional filters by choosing one or more of the different roles a member can have in CoachHippo.

But it doesn't stop there

Create multiple segments within your groups

Just limiting you to a list of pre-defined system roles aren't usually enough to target the message to your intended recipients. We make it possible for you to create your own member segments using our smart tags.
A tag is just a text that you attach to a member, as an example, you can group members by "Social Media Communicator".

Create the tag "Social Media Communicator" in the group settings window (cog icon in the bottom left menu) in all your groups.

Then attach the tag to the members that should be part of this segment. Go to the member registry and click on edit member, start typing "Social Me" and then select the tag in the tag box.
That's it, now the tag is available the next time you want to communicate with your members.

Preventing spam

Even though we at CoachHippo do everything we can to prevent spam some of our e-mails can still be classified as spam. As an example, Hotmail and Outlook are really restrictive.
Please ask your members to check their spam/junk folder and if a message is stuck there they need to mark it as "not spam".
This will help future messages to be delivered as they should in the inbox.

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik is the founder and CEO of CoachHippo, he is a big fan of automation and doesn't like doing repetitive tasks, he is also an involuntary football coach.

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