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How To Improve Email Messaging

It's great that e-mail providers have an awesome spam detection filter in place - but sometimes the emails you send aren't delivered to the intended recipient due to them being marked as spam.

But I have this thing that tells me that the email message have been delivered and opened?

Sure, read receipts can be great, but they can also be quite deceiving - if you send lots of e-mails you have probably seen that many of your emails get marked as read right after they have been sent. Due to the nature of the technology, email tracking cannot be considered an absolutely accurate indicator that a message was opened or read by the recipient.

Luckily there is away to fix this!

It's pretty easy to prevent e-mails from CoachHippo being marked as spam, all you have to do is add the sender e-mail coach-bot@coachhippo.com and coach@coachhippo.com to your safe senders list.

How to fix sending e-mail, spam filters & safe senders

If you are using Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo its really easy to make sure that you always receive the information that is sent out from CoachHippo.


To ensure that you receive emails in your inbox, you can add the email address to your contact list. If one of our mails has been moved to the spam folder, you can mark it "Not Spam" to whitelist it.

  1. Select contacts from the options on the left side of the Gmail Inbox.
  2. Select Create Contact on the top menu.
  3. Enter the email address in the primary email box.
  4. Select Save.

Outlook.com, formerly hotmail

  1. Open your Outlook mailbox.
  2. Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark).
  3. Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders.
  4. In the space provided, enter the address: coach-bot@coachhippo.com.
    Example: You can either enter a specific email address or use *coachhippo.com or @coachhippo.com to whitelist the domain
  5. Select Add to list.
  6. Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and select OK.


In Yahoo Mail, your Contacts list is your whitelist. To add the From Address to your Yahoo Contacts:

  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox.
  2. Click the address book icon under the Yahoo! Mail logo. When you roll your mouse over it, it will say Contacts.
  3. Click "New Contact".
  4. Fill in the fields of your Contact.
  5. Click Save.

But my email isn't listed above?

Don't worry - just find your e-mail provider listed on this page and follow the instructions to add coach-bot@coachhippo.com as a safe sender.

Did you perform these steps and the e-mail is still being marked as spam?

Please let us know and we can try to identify why this happens and fix it.

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik is the founder and CEO of CoachHippo, he is a big fan of automation and doesn't like doing repetitive tasks, he is also an involuntary football coach.

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