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How To Organise Your Own Open Practice & Pre-Season Friendly Match

More Time For Sports - Less Administration

We all been there, wanting to play sports in the beginning or at the end of the season when it is difficult to find enough players for the practice. You already paid for access to the pitch or hall but have no players.

The problem is that, well, people are busy and don't have time to focus on sports in between seasons for different reasons. If only you could reach more players...

Cast a Wider Net And Find More Players

Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • Find an opponent for a pre-season friendly match
  • Stretch the season by organising end-of-season friendly matches
  • Find extra players so that you could have a better team practice
  • Find a goalie whenever your regular goalies are unavailable

Use our Public Event feature to build a network of players that you can reach with a click of a button.

Public Events

CoachHippo makes it easy to find additional players for you open practice and can help you organise friendly matches without any additional administration.

It only takes a few simple steps to get started

  1. Create your CoachHippo group
  2. Create a Public Event
  3. Share the registration link in your social media network & via e-mail

Players registers for the public event by a simple form where they only have to provide their e-mail address.

Organize a public event from fredrik burman.

The Next Event

The great thing is that the next time you create a Public Event your previous attendees will automatically receive an invitation via e-mail and they respond with a click of a button - No Login Required!


By organising open practice & friendly matches you will create your own network of players and reach even more people. This is nice for several reasons, one is that it will be easier for you to organise spontaneous events and get the pre-season going a lot quicker and second, Who knows, you might find the next team star amongst your new friends!

Click here to find out how you can get started with your own group.

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik Burman

Fredrik is the founder and CEO of CoachHippo, he is a big fan of automation and doesn't like doing repetitive tasks, he is also an involuntary football coach.

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